10 Instances Bobrisky Has Proven He is Gay

Social media influencer, Bobrisky, has been a viral internet sensation, who many people believe to be gay.

Idris Okuneye AKA Bobrisky, is one individual that every Nigerian social media user is familiar with. He is a heavy cross-dresser who is often seen wearing female wears, weaves, heavy makeup and other female attributes.

Bobrisky refers to himself as the ‘Nigerian male barbie‘.

The cross-dresser has been a favorite topic among bloggers as he never fails to deliver something viral to write about.

Although there are no solid proofs on if bobrisky is truely gay or he is just doing it all for fame,

Below are 10 instances where the male barbie has knowingly or unknowingly come out as gay;

1. He refers to his Bae as ‘He’– A term used to describe a man.

2. He no longer tolerates fans referring to him as ‘he’ ‘man’ or any term used to describe the male specie.

3. Bobrisky now has a set of boobs and even a bit of butt on him than usual.

4. Bobrisky compliments guys with words like ‘cute’.

5. The male barbie often gives explicit advise to ladies on how to please a man sexually. Things he claims his ‘man’ loves.

6. He dumped Islam for his love of makeup and other female attributes.

7. “Yes, I’m gay, I’ll go to hell fire, thanks. Please, what next? I’m tired of the same words, I want to hear something new, cheers!” Bobrisky once declared when angered by a follower who kept pestering on if he is gay or not.

8. The cross-dresser shared a photo of his bare butt with the caption; “Those of u saying my ass is not big that is butt pad. Can u see how fresh and curve it look. That ass need big something ?????? make I sell small market Biko

9. He claims to be a bleaching cream merchant but rarely posts about his business on his social media accounts.

10. Bobrisky is often seen dancing seductively to songs.

bobrisky dancing on show promoter, kogbagidi.

Also recall that in the month of May 2018, Bobrisky shocked a lot of social media users when he claimed to be getting married to his ‘Senator bae‘. He even posted a photo of the alleged bae but was busted for lying as the photo posted was that of a US senator, Eddie Melton.

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No one knows for sure the sexuality of Bobrisky but it can be accepted with ease that he definitely isn’t attracted to women.

He has never been caught in the gay act. But Nigerian laws frown against homosexuality.

What is your opinion about Bobrisky? Could he be truly gay or is it just a strategy to get fame?

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